What is Therapy?
Therapy is the process of solving emotional problems by talking with a person professionally trained to help people achieve a more fulfilling individual life, marital relationship, or family relationships. The process of change will, in many ways, be unique to your particular situation. Who you are as a person will help to determine the ways in which you go about changing your life. The process of change begins by first clearly defining the problem, and then discussing your thoughts and feelings, understanding the origin of the difficulty and developing news skills and healthy attitudes about yourself and others. As the patient, you have the right to ask your therapist questions about his/her qualifications, background and orientation. The most important factor in the success of therapy is good communication between therapist and patient. In some instances, talking about your difficulties may exacerbate your symptoms, however over time you should see an improvement. In addition, not all individuals benefit from therapy or working with a particular therapist. If at any time during the therapy you have questions about whether or not the treatment is effective, feelings about something I have said or suggested or need clarification of our goals, do not hesitate to bring this up in our session.
I can provide individual/group, business or corporate consultation for the purpose of training or motivational speaking. I would be happy to provide a free 30 minute initial workshop in stress management to your company upon request from the human resource director
Counseling/ Therapy
If you have thoughts that get in the way of living each moment to the fullest…
If your emotions control you… If you have sleep problems… If you have chronic unhealthy relationships…
If you have flashbacks, nightmare’s, insomnia, or rages due to a traumatic experience or experiences…
If you have a troublesome or unhealthy habit….
If you cry frequently or experience prolonged sadness...
One of the methods I use to treat the aforementioned problems is E.M.D.R. E.M.D.R. is a therapeutic tool that can assist you in rapidly processing and healing. For more information on E.M.D.R. visit www.emdr.com.
Motivational Coaching

If you want to achieve greater…
  • Productivity
  • Weight loss

  • Educational pursuits

  • Athletic or artistic performance

  • Career success
Motivational coaching can give you the edge you are looking for.
Motivational coaching is a comprehensive package provided in a 12 week time frame. It includes face-to-face evaluation/sessions, as well as telephone and e-mail sessions throughout providing you with the structure and self-exploration needed for positive life change for discovery and achievement of your full potential. Homework is required.
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